With the push of a button, the spray machine evenly sprays a fine mist of high quality tanning solution over your body. In less than a minute your tanning session is complete and within minutes to hours you will see amazing results.


Spray booths are a 100% UV-Free tanning process – it’s absolutely the fastest method of cosmetic tanning. Spray booths work for all skin types, even those that freckle, burn or resist tanning. The FDA-approved spray booths solution blends DHA, bronzers, nourishing moisturisers and aloe to give your skin a smooth and healthy bronze glow. The Spray booth solution does not provide protection from the sun’s rays – continued use of sunscreen is recommended.


Spray booths work naturally with your skin to deliver a healthy golden tan that lasts up to seven days. You can expect a light to medium brown tan after the first session. A rich, darker tan can be obtained through subsequent sessions. You can also combine the effects of UV-tanning with spray booths to produce a true base tan.